May 6, 2016


Importance of Supporters

With a country as big as the United States organization is a critical aspect in creating a unified culture of soccer fans. The more the fan base is united, the greater the fan presence, the more passionate the atmosphere, the more strengthened the sport is. This leads to better results on the field and growth of support of soccer. This is the goal of The American Outlaws. We rely on you to give it your all for ninety minutes or more whether from your bar stool or in the stands. Organizing chapter events, painting TIFO, leading and participating in chants and cheers… you are the backbone of The American Outlaws and supporting our national teams can’t be done without you.

Importance of Supporters to the Teams

If you’ve ever wondered if your support in the stadium makes a difference… know that it does to former U.S. international defender Frankie Hejduk. In Nuremburg, hours before kickoff of the Ghana game for the 2006 World Cup, Frankie told us, “please be as loud as you can. You don’t know how much of a difference it makes to the players.”

Former USMNT coach Bob Bradley stated in South Africa that he was in tears from the support when the U.S. bus drove up to the stadium with AO and U.S. fans greeting them before the Algeria game in Pretoria.

“I can’t stress enough how big a difference that makes. When we step on the field and we feel like we’re playing in front of a crowd that is 98% American and is going to push you and support you through 90 minutes no matter what, we appreciate that and thank everybody who comes to be a part of that,” said USMNT midfielder Michael Bradley.

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